Monday, 25 November 2013



This Sunday we have another leave your brain at the door with Hong Kong supremo Johnnie To (Exiles) and Wai Ka-Fai's surreal police drama MAD DETECTIVE this imaginative ground breaking twist on the detective story is maddeningly entertaining, radically raising the bar of modern story telling and the playful take on the detective blue print with his homage to the noir thriller, DETECTIVE by iconoclast Jean-Luc Godard and an INTERMISSION special with the screening of HUMBOLDT by CULTIVATE members Rene Castillo ibaceta and Nicolas Cortes two very talented filmmakers from Manchester University. So come down and support these two up and coming filmmakers. With the usual free popcorn and rum. — at Joshua Brooks.

Sunday, 24 November 2013



This week we focus on migration with Kent Mackenzie’s EXILES and Aki Kaurismaki’s LE HAVRE first up is EXILES a passion project assembled on a shoe string budget the finished product is a thing of beauty. The brilliance of contemporary film is it can sit between two stools on the one hand you have realism, which attempts to stick as close to documented facts as possible for example environments, language, visual props and a raw believable visual style. As opposed to the surrealist approach to filmmaking designed to abstract reality, re-interpret the facts to fit in with the story they which to tell. Mackenzie beautifully weaves fact and fiction with this mesmerising story of a group of young American Indians torn between life on the reservations and a life in the city. Mackenzie’s film charts their growth as they are transplanted from their Southwest Reservations to Los Angeles. Based entirely on interviews with the participants and their friends, it charts their lives over a short period of as they drink, flirt, party, fight, dance and bond. With its gritty unrefined depiction of this marginalised Los Angeles community, shot in vivid high-contrast black and white it draws stark comparisons to the early work of John Cassavetes, with its deliberate anthropological approach which captures the rhythms, the sounds and the smells of the late-fifties this film draws you right into the period an undiscovered masterpiece in every sense of the word. Next up is LE HAVRE a cleverly constructed comedy emotionally rich warm-hearted look at the French’s attitude to immigration and immigrants, with its surreal approach makes a refreshing change with two very likeable central characters, this colourful and humanist film makes a refreshing change. With the usual free popcorn and rum.

Wednesday, 6 November 2013



This Sunday's double bill is a PASOLINI double header going from the surreal to the sublime with his adaptation of Sophocles's OEDIPUS REX followed by PORCILE (PIGSTY). Written and directed by PASOLINI it tell a story in two parts, the first story looks at the humans capacity for self destruction and ones need to rebel against social constructs. The second set in Germany, looks at a militarised fascist state colluding with corporations to maintain the status quo. These two stylish works of filmic art take, history, politics and social commentary and set it up for dissection in such a visually stunning way. A must see for PASOLINI fans.

Double bill di questa Domenica è un doppio colpo di testa PASOLINI va dal surreale al sublime con il suo adattamento di Sofocle Edipo re seguito da Porcile. Scritto e diretto da Pasolini è raccontare una storia in due parti, la prima storia esamina la capacità di esseri umani a fini di distruzione di sé e quelli che hanno bisogno di ribellarsi a costruzioni sociali. La seconda settembre in Germania, guarda uno stato fascista militarizzato collusione con multinazionali di mantenere lo status quo. Questi due eleganti portare opere d'arte filmica, la storia, la politica e il commento sociale e configurarlo per la dissezione in modo visivamente sbalorditivo. Una tappa obbligata per gli appassionati di Pasolini.